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EMIKO Mapper

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Advanced Real-Time Mapping Documentation

Business management is critical, especially in dynamic environments. EmikoMapper is designed to simplify the mapping and documentation processes, enhance collaborative capabilities, and optimize resources.

  • Easy Onboarding, No Training Needed

  • Simplified Interactive Mapping
  • Collaborative Mapping Solutions

  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Multiple Layer Options
  • Security Assurance

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Environmental Impact

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Quick Setup

Quick and easy onboarding with Emiko System.

Easy Migration

Expert assistance for a smooth Emiko Systems migration.

Endless Improvements

We have a team of experts who are constantly making improvements.

Custom Development

On-Demand Custom Development for a personalized experience.

Cross-Platform App

Unlock universal access – Your anytime, anywhere solution!

Fasten Release Cycles

Fast and Efficient Progress through Accelerated Releases.

NIS2 Compliance and
Security Protocols

Security Safety takes center stage in Emiko Systems, prioritizing the privacy of users and ensuring a secured and trustworthy environment for all interactions.

Security Incidents Protection

Dedicated Task Force Team, providing a 24-Hour Response to Security Incidents.

Disaster Server Recovery

Backup every 2 hours for the last 48 hours and daily backups for the past 30 days.

Multi-Factor Authentification

Enhanced Security with Two-Factor Authentication via SMS or E-mail.

Role-Based Permission System

Role-based permissions for Employees and assigning customers to specific equipment.

Security Audits

Dedicated Task Force Team, providing a 24-Hour Response to Security Incidents.

Data Criptography

Advanced cryptographic measures safeguard sensitive data, ensuring its confidentiality is maintained.